CERED 2019


WEDNESDAY, July 17, 2019
8.30-9.00 – Registration of young CERED researchers (floor 7, room 701)
9.00-13.00 – Workshops for young researchers and PhD students (floor 7, room 701)

  1. 9.00 – 10.15  Prof.dr. Sofia Marques da Silva (University of Porto, Portugalia): Multi sited ethnography, positionalities and mobility
  2. 10.30 – 11.45  Conf.dr. Marian Ilie, Conf.dr. Laurențiu Maricuțoiu (West University of Timișoara): Carrying out systematic syntheses
  3. 12.00 – 13.00  Conf.dr. Monica Mincu (University of Turin): Comparative research – methodological precautions

13.00-14.00 – Registration of CERED participants (floor 1, room A11) / Lunch (floor 1, in front of room A11)
14.00-15.15 – Welcome messages and speech (floor 1, room A11)
– Prof.univ.dr. Marilen Pirtea, Rector of UVT
– Assoc. Mariana Crașovan, Dean of FSP
– Prof.univ.dr. Lucian Ciolan – President of ARCE, Prof.univ.dr. Romiță Iucu (UB), Prof.univ.dr. Carmen Creţu (UAIC), Assoc. Cătălin Glava (UBB), CP1 Ciprian Fartușnic (IȘE), Prof.univ.dr. Simona Sava (UVT)
Speech: Prof. univ. dr. Alis Oancea, University of Oxford:  Building research capacity in teacher training in Europe

15.15-15.30 – Coffee break (floor 1, room A11)
15.30-17.00 – National Association for educational research – reflections, experiences, developments (floor 1, room A11)
Moderator : Prof.univ.dr. Lucian Ciolan, President of ARCE

  1. Experiences of national associations (Prof. Dr. Alis Oancea – British Educational Research Association, Prof. Sofia Marques da Silva – Portuguese Society of Educational Sciences)
  1. PhD. Daniel Iancu (UVT): The needs for improvement in the methodology of educational research of researchers at the beginning of their career – empirical study
  2. ARCE General Assembly. Establishment of thematic networks. Participation: Prof.dr. Georgeta Ion, Prof.dr. Sofia Marques da Silva, Conf.dr. Mihaela Mitescu  Convenors EERA Networks

17.00-17.30  Book launch: Prof.univ.dr. Laurențiu Șoitu – Together growth (Ed. Junimea, Iași, 2019) (room A 11)
Presented by: Prof.univ.dr. Carmen Creţu, Prof.univ.dr. Romiță Iucu, Prof.univ.dr. Simona Sava
19.00-21.00 – Dinner, “Lloyd” Restaurant, Victoriei Square no. 2, Timisoara

THURSDAY, July 18, 2019
8.30-10.00 – Doctor Honoris Causa – Prof.univ.dr. Alis Oancea, University of Oxford (room A01)
10.00-10.30 – Coffee break

10.30-11.15 – Panel: Romanian, European, international educational research – How do we make Romanian research visible? How do we access international research consortia? (floor 1, room A11)
Moderator : Prof.univ.dr. Lucian Ciolan
Guests: Prof.univ.dr. Carmen Creţu, Prof.univ.dr. Romiță Iucu, Prof.univ.dr. Alis Oancea, Dr. Magdalena Isac, CP1 Ciprian Faturșnic, Assoc. Adina Glava, Prof.univ.dr. Simona Sava
11.15-11.30 – Coffee break (1st floor, room A11)

11.30 – 13.00 Symposiums (Si) / workshops (Wo)
S1. Learning and professional development communities – 7th floor, room 701

  1. Assoc Ramona Paloș, Assoc. Mariana Crașovan, Assoc. Anca Luștrea, Prof.univ.dr. Simona Sava, UVT – Learning and professional development communities (Si)
  2. Dr. Cătălina Lomoș, LISER, Luxembourg – (a) Professional learning communities for online mathematics teaching (MathemaTIC). (b) Data on the impact of vocational learning communities on student achievement. (c) Meta-analysis on practices regarding learning and professional development communities in teachers from different European countries. (And)

S2. The well-being and skills of the educators – 6th floor, room 601

  1. Professor Lucian Ciolan, Dr. Florin Țibu, University of Bucharest – From well-being to learning: connecting the elements (Si)
  2. CP1 dr. Ciprian Faturșnic, Institute of Education Sciences – Key competencies of 4th grade graduates (Si)
  3. Assoc Mihai Predescu, Lecturer Ph.D. Ioana Dârjan, Lecturer Ph.D. Loredana AlGhazi, UVT
    – Wellbeing in higher education (Si)

S3. Training of university students for innovative practices in higher education – 2nd floor, room 205

  1. Professor Carmen Creţu, „Al.I.Cuza” University, Iași – „Co_Talent” Project H2020: Psychopedagogical tools for inserting the <Honors> program in the European university environment (Si)
  2. Assoc Marian Ilie, Velibor Mladenovic, Izabella Smarandache, Drd. Daniel Iancu, UVT – Didactic training of university students. Evaluation of the impact of training programs (Si)
  3. Professor Teodor Pălășan, Assistant Ph.D. Alina Turculeț, Transilvania University of Brașov – Vertical axis of professionalization – educational consortia (Wo)

S4. New technologies, open educational resources – 2nd floor, room 202

  1. Dr. Petre Botnariuc, Institute of Educational Sciences, New Technologies and Constructivist Approaches in Education. OER (Si) needs analysis
  2. Professor Daniel Mara, “Lucian Blaga” University, Sibiu – Equity in education-Institutional developments; open educational resources (Wo)
  3. Lecturer Laura Malița, Assoc. Gabriela Grosseck, UVT, Using Gamification Techniques in Higher Education (Wo)

13.00-14.00 – Lunch (1st floor, in front of room A11)

14.00-15.30 – Parallel sections – scientific communications academic community and doctoral students
A1. Scientific communications academic community: 2nd floor, room 205
Moderator: Assoc. Anca Luștrea, UVT

  1. Professor Crenguța Lăcrimioara Oprea, University of Bucharest – How can you be a better professor?
  2. Lecturer Vîrtop Sorin Avram, “Constantin Brâncuşi ‘University of Târgu-Jiu – Models of the teaching profession between idealism and reality
  3. Lecturer Simona Adam, West University of Timișoara – Role models and their influences on future teachers
  4. Lecturer Cristian Bucur, Assoc. Laura Ciolan, Assoc. Diana Csorba, Lect.univ.dr. Anca Petrescu, Lect.univ.dr. Camelia Rădulescu, University of Bucharest – The specifics of motivation in university education in training activities complementary to the study program
  5. Lecturer Cosmina Lungoci, West University of Timișoara – Building European identity in the primary cycle through integrated activities. From Romanian to European values ​​through language and other sciences

A2. Scientific communications academic community: 2nd floor, room 202
Moderator: Assoc. Mariana Momanu, UAIC

  1. Lecturer Vladimir Aurelian Enăchescu, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies – Technologizing the educational system-premise for new horizons in research
  2. Lecturer Dana Crăciun, West University of Timișoara – How to develop (multi) language skills in the digital age. Challenges and solutions for future teachers
  3. Lecturer Dan Crașovan, Lecturer Ph.D. Alina Constantin, Assoc. Lavinia Nițulescu, Tibiscum University / ”Eftimie Murgu” University of Resita – Coping mechanisms and psychological defense mechanisms of students during exam sessions
  4. Assoc Lavinia Nițulescu, Lect. Univ. Dr. Andrade Bichescu, Lecturer Univ. dr. Alina Constantin, “Eftimie Murgu” University of Reșița – Possibilities to activate the learning state of students in formal and informal situations
  5. Assist. Sabina Veronica Stan, University of Bucharest – The specifics of the perception of the parental climate during puberty

B1. PhD student presentations: floor 7, room 701
Moderator: Assoc. Ramona Paloș, UVT

  1. PhD. Miruna Luana Miulescu, University of Bucharest – The relationship between research and teaching in higher education in the context of the introduction of a new evaluation methodology
  2. PhD. Elena Ungureanu, University of Bucharest – A thematic analysis of language and communication curricula in primary education: how the student is represented
  3. PhD. Iuliana Galeș, West University of Timișoara – Bilingualism and school performance
  4. PhD. Simona Talida Mănăilă (Militia), University of Bucharest – Learning Strategies
  5. PhD. Monica Mihaela Beșcu, University of Bucharest – Leadership and management in preschool education (a research project)

B2. Presentations by young researchers: 6th floor, room 601
Moderator: Assoc. Nicoleta Popa, UAIC

  1. PhD. Popa Crina Dumitrița, „Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca – Respect – essential condition in establishing positive / authentic relationships
  2. PhD. Felicia Elena Boșcodeală, University of Bucharest – Multiperspectivity in teaching history
  3. PhD. Tatiana-Gabriela Pescaru (Marinescu), University of Bucharest – Barriers in the approach of self-realization from the perspective of adults
  4. Mrd. Carmen Dincă, University of Bucharest – Communication of the beginner teacher with the parents
  5. Manita Alexandru Mircea, „Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca (graduate in psychology) – Loneliness and the online self. Defining a new generation
  6. PhD. Andreea Buzduga, “AI Cuza” University of Iași – The relationship between critical thinking, general cognitive skills and motivational persistence

15.30-15.45 – Coffee break (floor 1, in front of room A11)
15.45-17.00 – Plenary session (floor 1, room A11)
Moderator: Christopher Reynolds, Council of Europe

  • Prof. Agostino Portera, PhD., University of Freiburg and Verona: Intercultural competence for fostering European identity
  • Prof. Sofia Marques da Silva, PhD., University of Porto: Young people sense of belonging to regional, national or European identity: a study in border regions of Portugal
  • Prof. Monica Mincu, PhD., University of Torino: – Identity, “diversity” and Europa: political cultures and policies of recognition

17.00-17.15 – Coffee break (floor 1, in front of room A11)
17.00-19.00  Autism Spectrum Disorder dissemination event – The European University Virtual Clinic on ASD – a necessary online tool in academic learning and connecting specialists (floor 6 , room 601)

17.15-18.00 – Plenary session: Conclusions, closing of the CERED conference (ground floor, room A01 )

  • Prof. dr. Lucian Ciolan, University of Bucharest
  • Prof. Dr. Carmen Cretu, “AI Cuza” University of Iasi
  • Prof. dr. Mariana Crașovan, West University of Timișoara
  • Prof. dr. Cătălin Glava, „Babeș-Bolyai” University Cluj Napoca
  • CP1 Dr. Ciprian Fartușnic, Institute of Educational Sciences, Bucharest

18.00-19.00 – Timișoara, European Capital of Culture 2021 – guided tour (optional) – Assoc. Marius Crișan, Lecturer Ph.D. Simona Adam, UVT
20.00 – Festive dinner, “Rustic” Restaurant, 1B Mihai Viteazu Boulevard, Timișoara